I am in BalikPAPAN

There was this book, my canadian friend Donald Warnatzh, gave me, “90 days across Borneo” written by his fellow countryman who walked across the rainforest of BOrneo. He travelled on foot from Kuching to Balik Papan.

One story that remained in my mind was this phrase “mother of all parties” to describe the festivities of the dayaks the writer was invited to, complete with the rice wine, the sultry dayak Women and the gongs. He could have come from the frigid Arctic but the the mention of the wine, the women, the swines, the days of partying and combine that with gambir sarawak,it would be difficult to match the geity and fun.

I did that yesterday, flying from Kuala Lumpur across the Island of Borneo in the comfort of Air travel with the redhot air asia girls for company and the redhot pak yassin’s nasi lemak for lunch.

Whilst in the air, i saw miles after miles of rainforest, and I was trying to spot that longhouse where that Canadian had so much fun.

You could sense the optimism in the air. A new airport was under construction. The boulevard to the city was well kept and clean and the buildings way above my expectation. Balikpapan, is the cleanest and the most well organized Indonesian city I have been to.

I tweeted:

“In Balikpapan u get this sense of public law n order where TERTIB is the culture unlike home where even banglas dare break traffic rules”

“It is not even 7, the sun is already high up as if it is 9”

“Bebek goring (fried duck) for the world, better then KFC”

“I am in Balik Papan where you could see numerous platforms from the shore, unexplored tropical jungle, giant caterpillars. Any MCOB here? Logging, mining and E&P or chasing the puteri Dayak”

” Balikpapan: I see more poor ppl in SG Way then here and the market much better organized, This is Reformasi Indonesia”

If Balik Papan were to be the indicator of what Indonesia is today, then the future is indeed bright for this great country.

Tomorrow I am going to vist SAMARINDA, of that sarong fame. I just discovered that samarinda originated from the phrase SAMA RENDAH, to depict the equality of men. A sound democracy, combined with reduced corruption, the wealth of the country and the tenacity and enterprising people the only direction for Indonesia is up up and away….


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