No HATRED please, I am in paradise. God sends His SALAM, salam, peace,peace

I am concerned that an ideology of political hate is being promoted and by a supposedly  key subscriber/beneficiary of democracy. That is not democracy, that is fascism. Democracy is about living together irrespective of ideological difference. Democracy is not winner takes all.

An election is not a WAR. It is just a political competition and for God’s sake be a political sport. It is not a battle where you kill or be killed. It is not about eliminating or be eliminated. That is fascism. That is nazi’s Germany. That is Rwanda. That is Serb vs Bosnia. That is Taliban Afghanistan

No matter how you hate the USA, please for God’s sake, learn from them about democracy; the  country moves forward even with 50% popular votes. The democrats have not been calling for the annihilation of the Republican.

…and you recite and give salam,salam, salam, salam, salam, salam every other minute but you do not seem to understand what it means.  It is PEACE, peace, peace….the invoking of God’s blessing which i value a lot which is PEACE or SALAM.

Can you blame the nusantaraman for not understanding what WAR is/



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