Greed does not Discriminate

Note :I posted this to a member of parliament in Malaysia. Both sides, the Barisan Nasional (BN) and the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) are claiming the moral high ground, that greed only applies to the other side. There are  quite a few who are very Bush ” you are with us or against us” forgetting that there is such thing as the THIRD FORCE

Dear Sir,

Greed applies to both; the incumbent as well as potential occupant of PUTRAJAYA. It does not discriminate. It applies to TOYO it applies to you. For the sake of all of us be serious YB but for the many of us who want to be the THIRD FORCE who are not BN nor PR , please give us some sanity in our political scene.

In a democracy the kewajiban or Responsibilty  lies with the people: to put the RIGHT government in PUTRAJAYA. Your Kewajiban as wakil  RAKYAT is to serve, to lead righteously. To give good example. We choose!!

I do not want ZERO opposition. In my daily business I go fo ZERO rework but we do not want everything to be zero.


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