True writers are those who write to capture their thoughts into minted words. “Free thinkers”, those who think and write for free are scarce. We respect and hold in high regards writers who become super rich being a novelist and writer thinkers who write and change people’s life and make us more knowledegeable.
The same cannot be said about writers who are being paid to indoctrinate the general public or worst still to sow discord, hatred. They thrive on half truths, economical truths and lies as long as it serve their political ends and as long as the peoples mind are under their control. It applies to both divides.
No worries,  gone were the days when it was black OR white, you are with ME or against ME, if you are not in Pakatan you are Barisan. The THIRD FORCE is alive and kicking and growing, the one that say, wait a minute, is that the truth? Is it right? is it fair? THose writers they can write whatever the are paid for or express their hatred or opinions. We are mature enough to know what racism is, what chauvinism is what aparthied is, what good race relation is and we are ready to engage openly


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