Engineering and God’s Law

A young engineer asked me this question

Would you (a very experienced engineer) let me (an engineer by education but with no experience at all) have my way in designing an oil tank? Just because I read the manual does not make me an expert in this field.

My answer:

No Panadol, or maggi mee solution. Practice or the Arabic word is AMAL:  bit by bit, a brick at a time. No amount of reading or listening to lectures (read ceramah) can help you or make you a better person/engineer. Focus on the MANUAL, then apply it matching your level of confidence and  to the extent that you can be accountable for. Don’t listen to the engineer wannabe or technicians or non engineers claiming to be the KNOWLEDGEABLE (direct translation of knowledgeable in Arabic is ulama)

To directly answer your question, the answer is YES. As an engineer you are answerable to yourself not to me or anyone. You will also discover that almost every engineering law is so simple.  It just need practicing.

I discovered, when I designed my first tank that the most important knowledge I used was GEOMETRY . It was for designing the most complex part of the tank which is the ROOF. We learned geometry in our Lower Secondary. I still keep that RM 4.50 geometry set. Then there is the simple beam theory which is founded on NEWTON’s Law .  That apple that define and  give measure to g is for all intent and purpose Hududullah.  It was  discovered by NEWTON who was inspired by God. And God promises whoever use his AQAL/reasons will find truth.

If you extrapolate, and ask me can I design a fighter aircraft?  It is indeed a complex engineering animal. My answer is still yes : give me time and the required resources.

You may think I am boasting. no I am not. I happen to have gone through the best school in Malaysia and then to a University that is fiercely secular who taught me to use AQAL or reasons and who define science as a body of knowledge which I later link it to the ONE.


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