Aviation Industry – you have been warned

Those of us who had the privilege of venturing in the oil and gas industry will experience how demanding and unforgiving the industry is. However that is just a fraction of the character, demand of the aviation industry. The scrutiny that the foreigners are subjecting Malaysia to, on MH370 is not a conspiracy nor are they sabotage . That is the character, nature or DNA of the aviation industry. There is no emotion, no subjectivity. Everything is about facts, documentary evidence and scientific explanation and reasons.

Having been involved in the aviation industry and having  had the experience of serving the Malaysian Authorities applying the rules and the uncompromising demand of the industry  I am afraid we are far from being safe.  This is an industry that demand nothing but righteousness. Righteousness in the simplest of definition doing everything RIGHT. Personally I  believe  TAQWA is all about righteousnes. It applies to to the cross section of the industry, from the technicians to the logisticians to the CEO and generals. but remember the axiom : No bad soldiers or workers but just bad Generals and CEO’s.

There is no freak accident in the industry. The industry does not  believe in freakiness. There is no veil for cover ups but unfortunately that culture is prevalent in Malaysia even in the aviation industry.

You have been warned, be very afraid.



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