MH370 – Incompetence but Not in My Name

The MH370 laid bare the weakness and Incompetence all around. Not in my name please. I repeat NOT in our name please.

CHUA Soil Lek my fellow alumnus of BATU Pahat High School once said “if only The government practices meritocracy even if among the Malays we will be a great nation”

But do they? No. Just look at how pathetic the leadership are. Look at those who they appoint to lead government ministries and GLC’s. Look how stupid some of them are in the handling of MH370.

Look at those who are given awards at every birthday bash. The same old faces, to the extent it becomes a joke. Extrapolate who they appoint to head lucrative agencies and GLC s. And We know the reasons for doing so and we keep quiet.

Yahoo in a report on the initial investigation report is telling the world that Malaysia is so incompetent. The investigation report is so amateurish. It says how unreliable the KLIA metal detectors are. MH 370 carried 2000kg of lithium batteries. It was initially reported by the CEO that there was only 200 kg. INCOMPETENCE or cover up.

ALLAH promises that you can conquer the outer space only with authority from HIM. That authority is given to those who are righteous/TAQWA.

Unfortunately those idiots are where they are because they have used the Malay card. They have used my name and your name.



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