Wali Allah – No to Sainthood, Are we not all subservient allies of The Master of The Universe


The above twit post prompted me to question and try to get an undersrtanding of the word WALI ALLAH. A kind soul was kind enough to reply yo my query (binggregory)
@lordofkendal @ustazdondani Yunus 62-63: Verily the friends [awliyah] of Allah, no fear will come over them, nor shall they grieve...

This word awliyah has been a cause of concern to me when it is translated to FRIENDS. Have a look at this context when Muslims are not to take Christians and Jews as friends or Awliya. I have a problem with that. Are we not supposed to make friends with our fellow men irrespective of color creed or faith?  Yes  I have many christians and Jews as friends.

The problem arises when AWLIYA is translated as friends which I think is wrong. 

The root word is WALI. Yes it is the same as WALI when you marry off your daughters. So Wali is patronage, protector, subservient allies, as in a relationship between daughter to father OR between a slave to his Master.

There you go BINGO!! so when you use that translation in the above two verses we all can live happily ever after and have Christians and Jews or whoever as friends.. Lets have a look again at the two verses

Do not take Christians and Jews as your wali/protector/master ally/ patron ….. yes I ahave no problem with that.


and in Surah Yunus Verily the subservient ally friends [awliyah] of Allah, no fear will come over them, nor shall they grieve..

Still  I have an issue with this concept of WALI ALLAH as practiced in South East Asia and the sub continent – the tendency to elevate living or dead persons to WALIHOOD to the level of idolising and Sainthood. There is no Sainthood in Islam

If we study the following verse in Surah Yunus it says Wali Allah are those who are strong in Faith (IMAN) and Righteoues (TAQWA). Isn’t that within reach of every man and woman? Which makes a lot  sense, that we are all servants and slaves of God and he says that be my subservient allies, not equal FRIENDS

It is already widespread this practice of idolising men in robes and flowing beards as FRIENDS OF ALLAH which to me is wrong


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