Strategi Perang – bunuh ketua musuh 

If we follow the arguments by najib followers, every one of us has to put aside our values, principles, and follow the laws as interpreted by Najib n his band of angelic warriors. Just because DAP has walloped MACCpeople   cannot be seen to have an opinion similar to what DAP’s current view of MACC as an eg. 

The strategy is the same: discredit those who have different opinions. Destroy all opinion leaders. There is  no need to address the issue at hand.

Sanusi , TDM , zeti are all fair targets to them., Rakyat cannot follow them. 

Take them out,  Rakyat will then be devoid of leaders.

In a state of war and following the law of the high sea and the law of the jungle everything is HALAL. (semua halal kalau ikut undangundang Hutan)

That strategy could be an effective strategy. (Itu memang strategi lanun yang berkesan). 

The flaw of this strategy is that you make ppl stupid. You destroy the fabric of nationhood. You destroy umno.


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