Dare to be yourself?

and those who dare to be themselves let alone being different would be subjects of not just ridicule but meant to be burnt by the fire, to be annihilated. The call for participation in the war against Dissidents of the Norms being drummed into the minds of the compliant believers, amplified and blared with impunity (no loudspeakers just horns or the high horses) . Who would dare challenge the commands originating from the pulpits. Who dare ask? Often The situation was just too comfortable and the alternative too scary for the lazy herd .

Often the simplistic conclusion was to solely blame the nobility. In reality it was the case of one depending on the other to perpetuate control, to subjugate others, to hijack all rights to being oneself to being freemen, robbing all rights not to belong to any herd. Easily done with the instruments of state at their total disposal (A page from medieval Spain or that medieval kingdom irrespective of the flag of the deen or the God they submit to)




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