Of petit aristocrats and pedlars of the Scriptures

It is easy to see the corrupt of Firaun, but we are not Firaun they say. It is easy to recognise the heroic deeds of Jesus the zealot against the rabbis n the Roman in cahoot and say but yahudis we are not. Then there was The arsenic death of Socrates when he challenged the state. Yes but we are not the polytheist Athenians. Dare to differ? and be like Moses, Isa or Socrates?

Petit aristocrats were everywhere at every temple, and the pedlars of the scriptures were so busy with the lecture circuits with royals n nobilities as ardent listeners. That was a scene from old Athens, or Temple Mount, reverberating with debates, lectures, forums and shrieking animals for sacrifices. A contented ecosystem at work. But even in the near hell, failed communities such ecosystem exist and contentment aplenty except for those who dare to differ.

But the khalifah have their little kingdom, the imam have your little community to lead, to make that difference, to be different. There are also other alternatives. Those who dare be different or dare be themselves may buy the one way tickets of the Mayflower, and create your own great nation. That’s reserved for those who believe in the axiom “Righteousness exalts Nations”


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