The society I grew up in

Someone wrote this about the Malay in him . He is kelantanese a descendent of a petit beaureucrat installed by the Siamese. Later the family lorded over the Rakyat on behalf of the Brits. Here is his assessment of the situation under the present political and religious hegemony

“”Are we not the ra’ayat’ who are being multi-subdued by a political hegemony too complicated for us to understand.? The religion that appeals due to its simplicity but made to be difficult at the call and beckon of a clergy class that monopolised interpretation. …a comprehensive subjugation that is still not completely cleared off until today, if not enforced further. A reinforcement with renewed legitimacy in every religious establishment putting weight and burden of retardation on the ‘ra’ayat’ still, the ‘ra’ayat ‘ empowered by mechanical possession with no will of mind and thinking.

I grew up in this circumstances, of a madrasah with feudal lord patronage with a momentary revolutionary fervour that retreated once again into that mind of the oppressed ra’ayat squalor right into the perceived sophistication of urbanisation and modernisation that we see today””

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