we don’t build greatness on negativities

A friend posted some unvarified stories glorifying the Chinese and lamenting the sorry state of his own ethnic group.

QUOTE ” Now. The above is true. Melayu Oh… Melayu. With so many physical changes around us… We are still the same… Let’s change for better…. Ja… 😊”

I know his  intent is good, but I would suggest a different approach. I believe that you cannot build greatness on negativities. Negativity kill  softly the already fragile self esteem. Greatness is built on positivities and sound foundations.

A cut and paste Story without reference to any specifics is but hearsay and creation, for  more damage than good.

I once confided to a Chinese school friend CT Lim, how I admired the values of the Chinese. He told me right in the face ” hello brother, you really hv not fully understand the real us.  Have  you not. heard of the …..? ”

Let us be kinder and compassionate to our own people, to our children n grandchildren, by motivating them with positive stories.


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