“When dogma enters the brain, all intellectual activity ceases.”
― Robert Anton Wilson

Replace Dogma with CULT. 

I advocate the avoidance of any cultish movement. If you are already in one, I encourage the breaking of the glass cage. My thoughts are pedestrians or layman. Thus it is self explanatory that those traditions and methodology and the names of the learned scholars are often  alien to me.

Someone suggested Syed Naquib AlAtas, a Malay scholar who wrote Islam and Secularism. He has quite a following. 

 Even SNA’s book on secularism, I could not get past the 3rd chapter. My favourite personal pursuit is to encourage the reading of the Guide and the Criterion. Fly AND EXPLORE for we are on spaceship ARDH, let the mind fly. Express your thoughts, no ego to defend no souls to convert.

Break the glass cage.  Spend  a day out at the bazaar with the cockfighting, the Merbuk singing, and the serama wooing.


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