I’m not Pro-debate

I’m not pro debate. As I said in my opening posting, Debates are often useless exercises, not my cuppa. 

They may be disguised as discourse, halalified by its Arabic term but that should be confined to the walls of politicised religious institution or Departmentalised Religion. They are not unlike the Kremlin, churning out doctrines and the dos n donch n occasionally dispatching the immoral police for what is a guard without his pitbull or germanshepherds. 
I share the same disdain for the abuse of loudspeakers, for primitive functions. Speakers are for rock n roll, fine jazz n classics. That remind me of the speakers I had loved before and the present one that need screamin’. 
I can feel you old communist. I can understand your love for the dongs and the AoDais and what contained underneath each. But communism even after dilution with pho’ is not my idea of government. 
It has come to a stage where I prefer our coordinates to become a function of time and desire which is never transfixed. The nomad and the wayfaring instinct are thriving in the current technological climate. Addresses are temporal except the few essential ID’s allowing us stints in Hanoi French Quarters re-living the Parisien habits and pastimes. 
Debates are cockfights. 
Forums n ceramah are the intelectualization of the ayam serama or Merbuk culture of the budu crescents. Hehehe


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