My friend  Nadzru Azhari presented a very sneaky rebuttal. Instead of admission it was a cult, he calls it guru and the squatting mureed. In realty there is a dearth of true thinkers writers or ulama in the Malay World. The Malays are cursed with Bucketfuls of bogus ulamas and the loudspeakers who blabber  on subjects not worthy for scholars but more of Dear AWANG SELSMAT. They gain popularity doubling as stand up comics but could not string a proper sentence on paper what more to articulate thoughts to paper. 
In such scenario the intelligentsia has nothing to cling to but to the one and only. There lies the danger. Even my presentation of a simple view is deemed courageous. I’m not even as scholar but a thinker. There lies the danger of flocking to the revered which I still categorise as cultish.


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