Scientific Debate 

Religious debates are often useless exercises. Each party is entrenched in their belief system. The fear of losing the belief is overpowering. The free use of the label kafir from whatever belief system does not help create an environment to search for the truth. 
There has been suggestion to suspend belief in a religious argument. I have a different opinion. 
I would argue for a scientific approach to arguments. What has science got to do with faith n religion you may argue? Everything. God has commanded the use of logic n that is science. If it defies logic, suspend it, and continue the search for truth. That’s the time faith comes in handy. It may just be or it usually is due to the fact that it is your shortcoming in knowledge not being able to see the logic. 
What is scientific approach? The same way your lower secondary school training on science; theory, hypothesis, observations, testing, deliberation, conclusion or suspension n more research. (Google scientific argument.)
Are we not seekers of truth no different from Newton n Einstein or Ohms, or Mohrs ?
My good friend Mohammed Noh Satibi added that we shouldn’t make a stand without sufficient supporting facts or experiences. This Ayat in al- Isra’ is a guidance


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