World view, very personal 

It will be a lengthy one to articulate my thoughts on the subject of Insan which is me. (Many will take it as a challenge to the status quo) 
My source is purely the signs around me, the things that have been exposed to me by the Almighty and His bountiful mercy. It is His blessings that I be allowed to empirically experience and see and feel and taste n be given the answers that I seek. As a wanderer My sole guide or compass is the Quran.
 I will present it in the most concise manner iaw the following concepts
The concept of IMAN is about your relationship with God.
The Concept of deen is your relationship with the world your conduct in This world, particularly your interface with fellow Men. What matters is the Righteousness or Taqwa. 
The concept of paradise which require mandatory fulfilment of IMAN n TAQWA above.
The Concept that all Knowledge comes from God, without any distinction between the secular and the divine. I have a different take from the western ideas and fear of the church against secularism snd the total disregard by the western secularists on non empirical knowledge. My version of knowledge is one which is seamless, without zero disconnect with divinity nor is it disconnected with divine knowledge. 
As far as the non empirical n metaphysics is concerned, it is there yet to be in the realm of discoverable knowledge. One day it will be discovered. Period.
In my practice as an engineer I’m actually putting sunatullah into practice. Scientific discoveries are all about discovering sunatullah . So how cud one be fearful of my secularism, you may call it enlightened secularism. 
I therefore don’t find the need to islamicise knowledge. I find it absurd  
I’m a practitioner of Hudud, in my daily practice. As an engineer it is my training never to exceed the LIMIT or hadd set by God. 

Laical? Not the typical secularist either. 

I’m not converting anyone nor am I trying to convince you, not even my wives and children. They have to use their own reasons.

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