The Fall of Songkla /Singgora 

The following narrative was written by my friend Nadzru Azhari 

There is a labrynth of tunnels dug connecting this main fort with about 12 other smaller forts and linked to a tunnel under the Jabal Rahma mosque. The fortification was done with the help of Ottoman engineers . All the engineered beauty failed when corrupt officials including mosque trustees sold the fortification maps to the British via Indian Muslim spies working for the British. The defenders found their tunnels penetrated by the ‘sepoys’ which can only be done from the only entry tunnel from under the mosque. The British started to bombard the forts from the Singgora harbour entry point. Muslims from Ligor under the Siamese army attacked from the land side from the north and an Ayudhya army under the command of Persians of the family of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi, the Ahmatiyakorns finally were able to reach the fort . The defenders fought to the last man to no avail. Singgora succumbed. Until today the mistrust of the people against the ‘mercenary ‘ punkawallah people persists. Like Abdullah Yusof Ali of British India , the reputation of Muslim Indians in Singgora and Pattani plummeted very badly.
Treachery by their own brothers in faith cost them their defeat and retreat and the defeat continued. This was coupled by what was lost by territorial signed offs to settle debts incurred by lavish weddings!
The total loss of the southern states of Kelantan, Kedah, Perak and Trengganu were prevented by the British who cobbled up the Federation of subsumed Sultanates of feudalised and weak people with a history fit for their ‘Bangsawan’ stage where truth was as good as their folklore. Out of this morass of sociocultural weakness a political awareness came out with great difficulty and obfuscated by their weak colonisabilité mindset, naïve treacheries and pandering to pay-offs an ‘independent’ country of cobbled remaining territories was created by the British.


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