The fall of Singgora by Nadzru Azhari 

Treachery and bribe acceptances caused the fall of the Singgora fort defenses. That wasn’t the end and that wasn’t lesson learnt. Treachery and bribes again ensued and followed them during the defense of the Pattani fort. The two Ottoman built big guns the Phra Pattani were silenced after not much fighting as the defenders took bribes to silence off the guns and deprived them of the cannons and sulphur needed to fuel the shooting. 
One cannot blame the British for providing naval assistance for the Siamese attack on Singgora and Pattani, it was simply the better thing to do, it was the correct political and strategic decision to make. The British saw an opportunity when they sniffed one. Later on , they cheated both the. vanquer and the vanquished . The Malay states from Ranong, Chaiya were all lost. Whilst chivalry and fighting spirit were there,so were the stronger spirit of accepting bribes, treachery and petty jealousies among themselves and to top it all their debilitating feudalised mind set. Balanced between the two; bribe accepting, treachery and feudal subsumption was stronger, as always. They not only became British colonial subjects but also Siamese colonial subjects with Royal houses complete with muftis and clergy class to boot. Bribery, treachery, Royal houses, mufti and clergy class for a long time have been the debilitating burden of history for the Malay society .


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