Bandar Penggaram 

Contrary to official convention, the name Penggaram was not derived from the word Garam. 

BanDar is Turko Arabic for Port. Ban as in “dyke” or “Benteng” the same BAN you see APLENTY in Thailand. Dar is Arabic for houses or settlements. So if you have a ban where there are sizeable settlement it becomes a PORTTown. 
Gharam in turko Arabic is passion. 
Bandar Penggaram is a PORTTown of Passion. Its sister PortTown is Bandar Maharani, the Bandar Ratu. 
Dato Bentara Luar upon facilitating the opening of Bandar Maharani, came to my kampong Bagan to initiate the opening of the Port Town of Passion. Luckily Passion is well under control now in BP.  
The Turkish influence is deeply entrenched well beyond the state flag.


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