My vision 2020

What is your vision for yourself, your family, the organisation(a) you lead? Say in 2020, 2030, 2050? 
The word that keeps cropping up is sustainability. You can’t run away from growth for growth means life and sustenance. You decay, you die, kaputt the moment you stop growing. 
To develop a vision you need to visualise, get immersed and seek the heavenly guidance. I posted earlier about network, connectivity, mobility. The challenge is sustainability, how to be able to do all those. In my opinion it can only be achieved via trade. Therefore trade has to be in my vision equation. 
Then there is this issue on relationships. You make mistakes in relationships, you hurt people, you step on toes. I won’t be held ransom for those misdeeds of mine. I apologise, I move on, I try to be better. The wanderer and the nomad carry on with life. The destination is forever moving, but the nearest you could do is to visualise an eco system that thrive to allow re-visualization of the next ecosystem. 
So that’s it, setting a vision is about visualising and then working towards a sustainable ecosystem. Yet it keeps changing. It is always work in progress.


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