Brexit, Elitism, imamship 

The folllowing is a FB posting of Nadzru Azhari

Brexit gives me the fear of what stupid populism can and will do and may impede the complete economic union of the ASEAN countries and political economic alliancing with the only one available for us , the OBOR.

Elitism is still much a narrative issue which needs clarification from the rightfully learnt like Sharifudin Shariffudin AhmadTaff. Esham Salam gave a boundary definition , that the elitism he has in mind is a social mobility with porosity and access based upon a start up dynamism from families and sociocultural backgrounds with the ‘elitist’ mind set and endeavour. 

Machievallian is in terms of build and destroy elitism when regime of control changes . 

Imamship about religious leadership with a weltanschauung and excellence of knowledge culture, piéty calculable on the sociopolitical and cultural level achieved.
Engineering is about creativity and innovation away from a rentier economy and linked with a world networking .

My comment

Engineering is about ingenuity, the ability to create, innovate make things better following the HUDDUD or limits set by ALLAH. As an engineer I’m a practitioner of Hudud. Screw the debates on Hudud by religionists and politicians, for misleading the ummah to deeper abyss


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