Righteous Elitism 

I am pro elitism. The world is ruled by elites. What kind of elites? The righteous, virtuous elites. My belief is based on the maxim that RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTS NATIONS, or THE MUTTAQOON inherit the earth which I’m sure agreeable to the Quranists. 
Righteousness is not the monopoly of anyone, the size of the headgears or pattern of robes, any school, any sect, any religion, any race, thus if Elitism is solely on righteousness one would auto engineer a system which I term as Porous Elitism. 
The question that has bothered me a great deal about our society is the total lack of understanding of righteousness or TAQWA. The total disregard for RUKUN TAQWA and the obsession with ritualism of fiqh under the syllabus and curriculum of being muslim or Hindu or xtians or Buddhist or


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