The withholder of small kindness – alMaun 

أريت الذي يكذب بالدِّين . فذالك الذي يدع اليتيم . ولا يحض طعام المسكين . فويل للمصلين . الذين هم صلاتهم ساهون . الذين هم يرآؤن . ويمنعون الماعون.

He reminds us about those who are in defiance of their Religion. They who are tardy to help the orphaned and the helpless . They who do not provide for the well being of the poor . Woe betide they who whilst they pray to God they performed tardiness and procrastination in giving urgent aid to the distressed and the needy and they in performing their prayers are at the same time not responding and reacting to their socioeconomic surroundings , for they are lost in the ostentatious perception of performing their prayers and they restrain themselves from providing the utensils for capacity building to their society .

The Malay rendition however is very peculiar to the Malay weltanschauung , that woe betide to those who delay in performing their prayers. He! He! The Malay tendance to his ritualism clouds his religion that he professes. He got it completely wrong.

This Surah captioned الماعون is about capacity building of society and how ‘ostentatious’ piety in prayers ‘delays’ the réaction to building capacity and empowerment .

NB; the above is pliagarised from bro Nadzru Azhari, FB posting


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