Elitism vs Cronyism 

Cronyism occurs when rights, power, or leadership or/and authorities or/and influence are wrongly given to individual or group without distinctive abilities or attributes and without extraordinary skills, intellect or wisdom. 
Elitism is power, leadership, authorities, influence being RIGHTFULLY given to individual or group who posses distinctive abilities and righteous attributes, with skills, intellect and wisdom through a rigorous systematic process of selection.  
Trouble starts when elitism is understood or taken as hereditary, or an entitlement or when it is non porous or even when it is only defined as such. Then it becomes discriminatory and the ecosystem is rotten. It is utopian to say that we do not need elitism or it does not exist.  
One has to accept there are multiple systems and forms of elitism. A society must engineer or craft its own form and system of elitism. The best guide is the Book of Wisdom on the subject of Daulah, Authorities, power and right to inherit the earth.


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