Crazy Times – jaman edan 

When Obama was elected, we thot that was it, the end of racism in USA. Yet 8 years letter the true America emerged full of angst and hatred 
When Arab spring happened, we said that was it, we must also have our own Kampung spring. Yet a few years later we feel so lucky it did not happen the Thai way or the Arab way. 
When Mahathir was in power we hated him and called him Mahafiraun. Yet, we see now the old enemies is calling Mahathir the hero ( I still Hv not forgiven him) 
In such a backdrop it is indeed a confusing situation. How do you expect the men on the street to react? With the acquired wisdom what are the strategies to be deployed for a better and strong Malaysia? Our Guide is the Constitution, our building blocks are our institutions, our foundations must be RIGHTEOUSNESS , our way must incorporate inclusiveness n sharing n the natural way…, plenty to consider. We have plenty of our own wise men, true Malaysians who would put malaysia 🇲🇾 first. Plenty in PJ especially


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