Middle East – guilty and doomed by association 

The Middle East is doomed. The region is doomed by their differing ideologies, by their failure to agree to disagree, by the ppl they patronised, by their own leaders and all those factors succinctly summarised by Shariffudin AhmadTaff
It will be another generation or two before they are back on the path or faster if they have a new messiah. 
My learned friend ELEGANTLY said we are guilty by association. I would put it in a harsher note, we are doomed by keeping quiet, by our inleerRichtung, by our non confrontation of our own brothers of faiths. 
Back home, the debates is on halal eggs. The one viral is on PElita restaurant ownership and the halal mc Donald. Nobody question the stupidity of sending our troops to Saudi Arabia. The Syiah bashing continue. Comments are made on how you solat. The loudspeakers are loud but quiet when misdeeds are so blatant, All kosher when the corrupt put on the salafi attire and the fares to Jeddah are sponsored. 
My non Muslim friends are now loud. They are the ones who pointed out the stupidity, they are the ones who question why are the intelligent Malays so quiet so lame and not confronting and correcting the wrongs. 
I struggle but defend I did for the existence of the enlightened few. 
If we keep in doing the same way, using the same strategies, we will get the same result. We need to be loud, we need to tell our people that we cannot be associated, we must not allow ourselves to be doomed by association.


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