Where is the Solihin in Reformasi State? 

Last Friday I attended The weekly assembly. The message was on the faith. It was the state talking, the power sharing collaborators unleashing its weekly software update over the minds of its subject. The bashing of the other brothers from the other syia’s was the primary theme. It was all about faith. Was faith in short supply? Was the faith under threat?
Not a word was mentioned on mufsidun, when the mischief makers, the corrupts, the destroyers of institutions were in abundance even among the congregation. The word takoot was mentioned in passing, and my guess was that the concept of fear or takoot was well entrenched. Nothing about being Right. 
The above brief scene unfortunately is not a brief, not a passing anecdote. It is mainstream. It hurts most when it is happening in a solehin state, the reformasi state. Nothing has changed, nothing has improved for the better. 
They never learn from the lesson of Pattani., that no amount of technological skill, or the number of canons and the Calibre of your bedil, can save your nation. 
The Malay Pendekar is going to be betrayed again by the very people they have faith in, the people they have surrendered their faith to.


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