Wali Allah vs Auliya Allah

There is no such thing as Wali Allah but the opposite, Allah the WALI. Allah is my wali. 
That special relationship with ALLAH or QARB is what we aspire. Once you are qrb you are Auliya to Allah, but not wali Allah. Unfortunately the term QARB has been abused by “those who sells words of Allah for pittance” to mean QURBAN or sacrifice and the Auliya to Allah is made to be saintly  and the use of wali Allah compounded the malpractice. 

Quran 7 verse 196  contains the term Al-Wali Allah 

Indeed, my protector is Allah , who has sent down the Book; and He is an ally to the righteous.(Surat Al-‘A`raf 7:196)

And Allah is most knowing of your enemies; and sufficient is Allah as an ally, and sufficient is Allah as a helper.(Surat An-Nisa’ 4:45)

The concept of attaining the special relationship with Allah has been made to be so difficult so Brahmin so elitist. In fact auliya is attainable by the masses. That is the biggest problem with the Ulama, making it exclusive. But have a look at the the verse following 10:62

Those who believe and are righteous are AuliyaAllah, yet they make it so exclusive so unattainable that is no different from the malpractices by others. 

We need to stop this sainthood in Islam


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