Racism against our very own 

I think we all need to get rid of that socialist feeling remaining in us, that everybody must be like us. The Malay society has changed. There are now different classes and levels of Malays. Used to be only 3; royals, nobles/civil servsnts, kampong peasants. Now even in kampong there are many wealthy Malays. 
It is also a gross mistake to brand others that do not share our political thoughts as stupid, that voters are stupid. That is the mistake by the pakatans after the last election. 
Now we see the trend that anything Malays hv to be attacked. Malays attacking malays . Chinese attacking Malays. Malays attacking Chinese. Malays are bashed by telling the Chinese that not enough Malays are speaking out against racism n injustice. Malays are being labelled racists. Pity those Malay reformists, whatever they hv done n shouted are just not good enough.
We all need to rise above all forms of bigotry n racism including against our own.


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