Handling Conflicts between Men and between Muslims, etiquettes and Rules

I’m drawn to Surah AlHujurat 49:1 to 49:10. 

49.1  reads “O you who believe, do not put yourselves ahead of God and His messenger, but be TAQWA , for God is He Who hears and knows all things.”

This verse has to be read in the context of 49:1 to 49:10. 

It is about etiquette when addressing authorities and ways of handling differences/conflicts and dispensing justice involving conflicts amongst men and among Muslims. My favourite is actually the ayat 49:9 on handling conflicts between 2 Muslims, relevant in the present Saudi Qatar Mid East conflicts as much as to anwar Mahathir in 1997. 
All Muslims are brothers is in 49:10. 
Do not precede means do not be hasty I.e without a thorough investigation and finally without referring to the CRITERION, the Quran. 

Dispensing Justice and giving due process to take its course are acts of righteousness/Taqwa. 


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