Learning the Quran is always WIP

The makkan period before Hijra lasted 13 years. After Hijra till the prophets death was 10 years. The focus of the revelation during the first 13 years were on Unity of God (no shirik), righteousness (Taqwa) and fending off oppositions from the oppressors. 
There are equivalent of 11 juzu of Meccan to 19 madinian Surah. 
The madinian Surah was more about building ummah, Muslim inns majority state while still maintaining the iman n Taqwa theme. 
Learning to live the Quran is always WORK IN PROGRESS, there is no such thing as certified completion, quite similar to the 23 years of improvement or soleh in the awalun Muslims. Disregarding the prophet never arise at all. Don’t see the point here.
Try reading the Quran following sequence of revelation. It gives you a different perspective.


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