Faith in the Rabb 

The dissecting of tauhid to 2 or 3 is/was an attempt to segregate the different believers. First between Muslims n non Muslims but the real target was among the Muslims. I guess it was the first time for Kafir Mengkafir and the beginning of the breaking into sects in Islam. 
Allah’s command is simple! Do you believe in me? The Rabb, the Ultimate, the infinite? So don’t you dare shirik on me!! don’t you create son of Me, other dieties, intermediaries, shirik on money, wealth, rulers etc. If you shirik Allah you fail 
Your next task is to doing the right things, by bring RIGHTEOUS, TAQWA! then you will be rewarded. 
This classification to 2 or 3 challenged the above order of IMAN n TAQWA. It elevated rituals to a higher position than TAQWA. The Muslims never recovered from this 3rd or second Hijra century dissection. 
– my pondering after the subuh contact


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