What is Milat Abraham 

Tq Lan for questioning, for being like Abraham, always inquisitive and questioning for truth. That is by itself following the milat of Abraham.
 I found this piece from one mr zaman99 in the discourse about milat. I hv added my views in parentheses. 
The phrase ‘Millat Ibrahim’, has always been, assumed and simplified to mean ( edited by ES) one of two views :(by ES,; not necessarily inaccurate) 
The first is:religion of Abraham. 

the second is: nation of Abraham.
This however was never easy to swollow by Arab scholars because the word ‘Millat’ does not mean religion or faith or nation lingusitically. ( specific Arabic terms for religion and nation in Quran – by ES) Furthermore the Qur’an used it in various context to refer to way of living (deen by ES) / reflection on life rather than faith or nation. 
The main problem mufasireen [interpreter of Qur’an] encounterd with this word is that, at least in one verse in the Qur’an, the grammar can not be reconciled with the rest of the verse if the word ‘Millat’ is assumed to be ‘religion of’ or ‘nation of’.
Recently, an intelectual book reflecting on the relationship between Abraham and the house of God in Makka/ history of Adam and Islam, have investigated this matter to its deepest possible levels both intellectually and lingustically.
the word millat is actually comming from known arabic root that sound like ‘malla’, which mean: became nervoius, curious, intriuged.. (by ES ✅ meem, Lam, lam) 

in daily life we use the wrod ‘mumil’ to mean: boring….yamil: to feel restless, both mentally or physically. Yatamalmal means: to turn from one side to the other frequently in bed or on the chair..
So Millat is comming from a root that implies a state of mind when the individual is unhappy with what is on offer and continously restless…searching for satisfaction. ( and TRUTH by ES) 
In relation to Abraham, this reflects all his life journey from the time when he was very young and started to reflect on his family’s worshiping of idols..became quite restless with this faith… moved out…searching in the sky for the true God.. rejecting all sky objects..then turning his face in pure monthiesm towrds the One who created the earth and heavens..
Millat Ibrahim here fits more sensibly as a state of inqusition..( perfect by ES) questioning things and actively seeking logic and reason.( Islam is a religion of logic and reason by ES) By this definition, we understand that Islam is founded on logic and the Islamic faith of every muslim must be built on active inqustion like ‘millat Ibrahim’ not blind folowing.


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