Missing a Dear Friend 

A departed friend wrote this many years ago. We know he had passed on but he was too special that we do not delete his contact number nor his messages to us. 
I decided to post it here for posterity, to keep the memory going 
Dear Anita and Esham

Both Barbara and I for our age are in pretty good health. Barbs still seems to enjoy her work and says that she does not want to retire anytime soon. Officially I am retired but have been doing quite a lot of consulting work for friends in Europe and Asia….just don’t tell taxman. Last year we spend August in Poland visiting Barbs and my relatives, Barbara last visit to Poland was in 1969. We rented a car so we had an opportunity to see how Poland has changed, especially in the last twenty years. This year we decided to stay home and do some work around the house getting it ready to change for something smaller. The house we have is quite large and since the girls have their own homes it’s to big for just two people.

I have been following yours and Eshams travels on Facebook and it seems that the two of you spend more time outside Malaysia then at home……keep doing it while you’re still young. 

Well that’s enough about us, bye for now and lets stay in touch.

Another one 

Hope you are enjoying Phuket. When we were there in 08 we stayed at the KataThani on Kata Noi Beach, away from the main tourist strip, great resort. We can also recommend the Vitaporn resturant just of Karon Beach. 

Enjoy your stay,

Tadek & Basia


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