Reclaiming our Ummah 

Note : The following Pics and comments appeared on my batch wasssap group cacaMurba 74. I stitched the comments to become a posting. The initiative was by ISLAMIC RELIEF. 

This is where my NGO did our kurban on behalf of our donors…Had to travel by boat in crocodile infested rivers… upon reaching the village in Sabah, we cud not belief our eyes by what we saw…. sad after 60 years and here lies the hardcore poor.  

Bravo Islamic Relief!!! It was indeed an exemplary initiative 

One of the measures of success of a community or Ummah is how it  cares its needy and fakir. Often this is delegated to government BUT a truly independent, autonomous ummah must assume and reclaim that responsibility.

The caption should have been …sad after nearly 700 years. Still, I salute the efforts, I’m not taking away my admiration 

Please do not get me wrong.

Harping on the government or being cynical about failures of government or even our own good deeds, the golden opportunity of reclaiming that responsibility could be lost. The initiative could just be a fashionable or hip thing to do instead of reclaiming what is truly ours. 

That thought dawned upon me, on the enormous responsibility of the haves over the have nots. What if we do not have a government, or we are a minority? Many troubles start when responsibilities are handed over to government.  We also learn from other autonomous and independent communities of their successes, The effective strategy is always the empowering of the have nots, giving them the rods instead of the fish.

Our weakness is always the poor level of activism in NGO’s. Often  it seems to be pre programmed, that in exchange of the heavy taxation the government assume the social responsibilities including the religious obligations. 

My campaign has always been for children and staff to be members of 10 NGOs and play leading roles in 1 or 2 as a role of thumb. If you use that measure the level of activism among our community is below 1%.

My visit to Mostar taught me about the importance of NGO’s, being autonomous and being empowered. What happen if the government becomes dysfunctional or working against you. Their experience was worse than hell. They  suddenly have neighbors and government becoming their enemies. Hell broke loose as a consequence of bad politics. How would your ummah react to such a scenario? 

For that I salute the people of Mostar


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