Reclaim the Title Ulama, dear professors 

I was once a faculty member of a QS ranked Malaysian university. With that credential in my past life, I’m privileged to be a member of a WA group of its alumni of professors and the knowledgeables. 

This morning there was a chatter on the use of the title professor by a Cendol seller. 

I posted the following 

Professors are the ilmuan, the knowledgeable(s), accredited, respected and be the source of references on subjects of their expertise. 

In the language of the Quran, the knowledgeable(s) have a special title, ULAMA; God fearing subject matter experts of the rain, the sky, fruits, colours, creatures, livestock earth tracts etc. 

Professors are the true ULAMA. 

Unfortunately Muslim Professors let others to hijack that title. We now have stand up comics, comedians, talk show artists, half past six subject matter experts, televangelist using that tittle. 

I strongly support these efforts to reclaim what is truly yours. Go on guys, train your guns on the right targets. You hv one serious supporter and cheer leader here.


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