My Nusantara 

The world traveller that I am, I learned to embrace and appreciate the nusantara from my Bibik. 

It was about 20 years ago, when she accompanied us to the morning market at BATU PAHAT. The Bibik just joined us for a month and we wanted to show her around.
At the market I was so astonished that she knew so many people. 
“Tu orang kampong Saya PAk. Kami orang Bengkalis lihat Batu Pahat Dan muar macam pergi Ke Pekan saja. Kan dekat cuma 30km ”
That struck me! My Bibik was more worldly than me! 
The following week I bought a ticket to Jakarta, to find it as fascinating as Paris. Then there was Dumai where I found the biggest CALTEX in a settlement bigger than N9. A piece of US 30km FM BATU PAHAT.
More to follow and I fell in love with SEA. And 20 years later still a lot more to discover in SEA.


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