My dear professors and the knowledgeables,

I’m now having bfast by the bank of the tonle sap river Phnom Penh. A 3 day Backpacking break, alone. 
As an orangNusatara It is a deep concern to me that young Malaysians r not travelling. A majority of graduates I interviewed has not stepped out of the borders. The seafaring Malays are now reduced to being docile land lubbers. 
ASEAN, the nusantara is ours. It is our market. Without understanding the context by being where it matters no amount of e commerce brilliance can conquer the market. You will not understand the suffering of the Cambodians or the kiasuness of Singaporeans or the challenges of being a Malay in Thailand, or the gridlock outside makati, if u stay put in the comfort of your home. 
Please, in your lectures and in designing your curriculum include the virtues of travel.


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