Learning From Disasters – parits in Johor

In 2006 johor was inundated with banjir besar. In 2007 there was a massive cleanup and deepening of rivers and parits.

The Javanese of johor realised and repented. They realised the new generation Hv lost the ways of their forefathers the soldiers who menially dug all the thousand of parits to develop the lowlands of johor. They forgot the gotong royongs to SIANG PARIT or gutting the waterways. Disaster befell upon them.

Now, rivers n waterways in johor are cleaner n well maintained

Credits must be given to the MB ghani and his government for the post flooding initiatives. But Malaysians gave him the exit in the election just like rostam. Now they complained about Umno going ultra right, when they were the ones who got rid of the good executives the moderates the voice of reasons. They don’t realise how the war is being fought


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