The Populist Islamist – give them backhoes and Pongkis (plagiarised from Abe Rhu)

I always feel that simple elegance is simply a revolution of the managing of the simplest with the simplest of tools.

Cleaning up rivers, streams and all waterways, cutting grass ,keeping forests and farms , general cleanliness. Simply use the excavator and the air conditioning unit and we have one of the best places to live in on earth.

If we set the many Islamist parties with the right target , they will do their darnest to see it done. Look, they are very good at winning elections and to win elections is very important for their religiosity . They are excellent populists . Tell them to be good managers of environmental order and cleanliness is part of their votability, they will do it. At the moment , the popular demand isn’t there for it. We have a sociocultural natural tendency for unkemptness and given half the chance we will be unkempt. Nothing short of a severe fatwa of a hell and heaven choice will drive us to good discipline.

A not unclever schoolmate of mine just forwarded me and of course others too about the ‘qauli’ practice in prayer discipline , that what must be pronounced must be pronounced ,distinguishing the subtleties between the various letters of the semitic arabic language on a malay tongue, failure of which the prayer is rejected .

Think of millions of others like my not unlearned friend and we will realize what we have to do with the Malay psyche. You see how severe it is? Prayer being rejected .Now pass a similar fatwa that if he doth dirty his river his prayers will also be rejected . He and his local pious mosque committee will clean ’em up right away.


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