A friend LanH posted a video to show a p Ramlee version of the ugly Malay.

I never doubt LanH’s malaynes. Nor I doubt his desire to see a great, resilient, prideful, righteous, competitive and towering Malays. It is just his style, to nudge his fellow Malays from slumber by displaying and amplifying their warts and carbuncles. You and I may have different styles. I’m however critical and fearful of stereotyping our own kind or any race or nationality for that matter. The risk of such is the retarding of our young minds, our own children our young generations.

We all must have realised and experienced that we and many Malay children and youths are late bloomers compared to other races. Could it be due to the burden of negativities that we inherit from our own elders and the peers we are with? I believe so.

My approach has always been trying to learn from history and the past, to project the positives and to embrace our weaknesses warts carbuncles and all. And I’m a Q ISO9001 practitioner where continual improvement or SOLEH is our daily mantra and religiously demanded.

I propose that We should do more naming and shaming the Malay perasuah as the UGLY MALAYS instead of high profiling those who are tak sopan like what P RAMLEE did. We need to show progress and practice SOLEH and not repeating what p Ramlee did 50 years ago


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