We are champa Malays

We are not chinos Abe Rhu. We are the Chams. We have been fighting the chinos and viets and Khmers for eons. How could we accept to be a chino? No no way.

We have no CHINESE DNA. We are champa Malays.

The migration to the rest of the archipelago has been going on for centuries.

In the 1400 the wave was to Majapahit. We even set up a province called KENDAL, the name of the settlement we left behind, the KENDAL province in the present day Cambodia.

These were the migrations Of ppl with means, bigger ships at least. The transit point was the Natunas.

It was led by the toksehrebbana class originating from Samarkand.

We did not bring the budu dipping culture with us. Instead we brought to java our shish which become satay and the sheep which the Javanese called DOMBA, the same Domba KEBAB you find in the highstreet of Samarkand. We brought baryani or fried rice in Persian and became nasigoreing. We also brought the AmokAmok the steam banana wrapped fish pate, which become Boto-boot in East Java and in Batu Pahat. Ever wonder why BATU PAHAT baryani is so good?

Those without the means and bigger ships migrated to the BUDU states and brought along their budu.

A lot more narratives to tell

Signing of


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