From Yala to Sg Golok 2016

Having been graciously taken care of by the elites of Lo’Lo and exposed to the history of Pattani and the intrigues of Bhopu, Nangkon and Ligor, I decided to look beyond.

I always consider visits to the public Markets as a good indicator of the state of a community, where the elites, the common men and the peasants interact. This time I wanted to explore
beyond. I decided to traverse the country by train. Not quite traverse but ply further south by train instead of flying from Hat Yai.

I discovered that for the slow train, the fare was Zero. Yes nilch, free. But as a foreigner my ticket was 22baht (RM3) for the planned trip from Yala to Sungai Golok. That was like London to Southampton or Brighton or KL to IPOH.

I had lunch at the station; very much like or identical to the Malay dishes you get from the food courts in Malaysia.

I wanted to buy s bottle of mineral water. It was 7Baht but I had no small change. A young man offered to pay for me and we talked. He was a pondok scholar but dressed as s revolutioner, CHE guaverA like. More stories of him later.

I found the perfect place to observe the other section of the community. The reality was that rail travel in Thailand was still peasantry, and the sophistication and prosperity decreased as one get further southward from Lo’Lo and as you change your mode of transport from private to public.

Here are some pictures at Yala station.

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