Pattani the Malay Heartland of Siam

I’m now in the Malay Heartland of Thailand; Pattani. It was a spontaneous decision, to be in the good company of Nadzru Azhari and Kak Wan. It was my first; driving from KB to Pattani.

A lot has been reported about the numerous incidents of bombings and killings, the fear and concerns about taking the highways in the 3 Malay majority provinces of Thailand. There were many roadblocks. The roadblocks did not concern us. Instead the sight of soldiers and the checks gave the sense of security.

Impressed, I was to see how STRUCTURED, orderly and prosperous the regions were. The highway was toll free, the rivers were clean, the toilets were clean, the masjids are thriving and there are pedestrian walks and cycling lanes. It was a total contrast to the ‘tan south of the border, the darul this and that.

This morning we travelled to Hat Yai and Songkla. I wanted to have a feel of the oil and gas activities, breathe the air and understand a bit of the history.

We took time off to visit the old Malay Fort in Songkla and the connection to Jabal Rahmah Mosque. The last Sultan was Sultan Sulaiman. The history on the fall of sultan Sulaiman’s Songkla as narrated by Rhu was painful; a drama of treachery, selling out, international rivalries.

I request that a detail narration be posted here by Nadzru. Please read his comments

Later in the evening we visited, the kruse mosque and the old harbour. Little did I knew about the role of Mat Saman on the pattani harbour design.

There is so much to write, but Nadzru and I have promised that we will write less on Fesbuk. Thank you noot for taking us around. (and the dinner)

Yes I like the provinces


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