Aviation Industry – you have been warned

May 3, 2014

Those of us who had the privilege of venturing in the oil and gas industry will experience how demanding and unforgiving the industry is. However that is just a fraction of the character, demand of the aviation industry. The scrutiny that the foreigners are subjecting Malaysia to, on MH370 is not a conspiracy nor are they sabotage . That is the character, nature or DNA of the aviation industry. There is no emotion, no subjectivity. Everything is about facts, documentary evidence and scientific explanation and reasons.

Having been involved in the aviation industry and having  had the experience of serving the Malaysian Authorities applying the rules and the uncompromising demand of the industry  I am afraid we are far from being safe.  This is an industry that demand nothing but righteousness. Righteousness in the simplest of definition doing everything RIGHT. Personally I  believe  TAQWA is all about righteousnes. It applies to to the cross section of the industry, from the technicians to the logisticians to the CEO and generals. but remember the axiom : No bad soldiers or workers but just bad Generals and CEO’s.

There is no freak accident in the industry. The industry does not  believe in freakiness. There is no veil for cover ups but unfortunately that culture is prevalent in Malaysia even in the aviation industry.

You have been warned, be very afraid.



in gratitude

March 23, 2010

I count my blessings
Not the misgivings that befallen me
I treasure the things i get
Not lament the things i do not get
nor the things others get

I remember the faces of friends as if they were close
And Enemies,
keep them closer they say
but i rather keep them away

I cherish the smiles and happiness
Not the tears, frowning and sadness

I could feel the warmth of the hugs and the kisses
I am numb to the frost the frigid stare
make me numb to the pain, if ever it hurts

Open up my heart my Lord
To forgive and to forget
For i want to be free
For i want to be kind to my heart

I am thankful O Lord
For-my heart is not burdened
For letting my heart glow
For setting my heart free

The good things i do
The charity i give
I expect no return my Lord
i hold no one at ransom
I do it in your name
i do in gratitude
make it absolute my Lord

The things i do, plant and invest in
I do in submission to your will
make it absolute my Lord

For The vices i did my Lord
Forgive me

Protecting the Interests of Stakeholders – Responsibility of a Director of a Company

November 19, 2009

Buzzes are noises, useless, except for that antiquated door bell of yore. Transparency, good governance, functioning boards, are words with lots of buzzes. They may make the MBA students look intelligent and smart but in reality  many directors of companies  are struggling.

Many directors have this narrow belief that they are in the board to protect the shareholders they represent. The consequence is the loss of the spirit and principle of a COMPANY. A company is a partnership of two or more people. It is a partnership and even for a 100% equity controlled the Companies ACT requires at least 2 shareholders and at least two directors. thus the loss of opportunity of having a functioning board.

What then is a functioning board? I define a functioning board as one who is able to protect in a just manner the interests of stakeholders. I use the word just to amplify the risk of a conflict of interest situation which may result in failure to fulfill executive duties, fiduciary duties and statutory duties. It is indeed a balancing act, the ideal in justice is being balanced in our judgement and action.

Who are the stakeholders? I can list 7 stakeholders that a responsible and competent board need to take care of. That is the manner I conduct my board if I am the chairman. I go through the list one by one. Here is the list

No 1 – the government

No 2 – the shareholders

No 3 – the employees including the management

No 4 – the clients

No 5 – the vendors and creditors

No 6 – the society at large  and the Environment, usually looked at as Corporate Social Responsibilities

No 7 – the bankers and Financiers

You take care of the shareholders fairly, and in its order of priority and importance ( the above listing is not) , then you are on your way to become and effective director of a company.

F1 TEAM for Malaysia

September 27, 2009

I support the F1 initiative. I support the 1Malaysia F1 venture.

I am an engineer. I like designs. I believe Design is key to the the mastering of technology. I am also a salesman and a marketeer. I design and I sell. I am pro PROTON, a fan of Tan Sri Yahya. He was my  inspiration and my hero because he bought LOTUS. PROTON will survive because it has got LOTUS, it has design ability and has its own drive train. Otherwise it will just become another assembler. Proton has to leverage on the LOTUS brand and enhance it.

As an engineer there are three things I like and follow, AIRSHOWS, FORMULA 1 and A MERICA CUP. These are the 3 events that combine engineers and marketeers. These are the elite races for engineers and marketeers. Year in year out. These are events that take engineering R&D and creations beyond the test beds and market them.

Off course you need to spend money.  The fact of the matter is that quality, R& D  and marketing cost money.

The global marketing/advertising budget is about USD 40 billion. http://blogs.zdnet.com/ITFacts/?p=14013 . The USD 300m a year for 1Malaysia  team,  is not just advertising money but include R&D and others . The spinoff are multi folds. F1 is not just the champagne, or going round in circles or the partying.

Teo Beng Hock, MACC, KT dan UMNO

August 22, 2009

Didalam politik dan kuasa, ada dua buku rujukan penting yang tidak bolih diketepikan, buku  Sun Tzu Seni Peperangan , the Art of War , dan buku Machiavelli Sang Putra, The Prince.

Didalam golakkan politik UMNO semasa, tiada yang sesirius dan segenting kes Teo Beng Hock dan MACC.

Paling mengejutkan adalah pendedahan kaitan KT dengan pegawai atasan MACC.

Apakah yang UMNO akan lakukan. Apakah yang dibenak si Maharaja sekarang? Sekiranya maharaja bijak, sekiranya UMNO punya strategis handalan, surat yang datang melayang itu adalah kurnia yang tidak ternilai.

Buat sekian kalinya, UMNO dan siMaharaja seharusnya mengunakan peluang ini untuk memancung sipenyangak dan memulakan proses pembersihan MACC dan secara tidak langsung UMNO.

Eksploit tuduhan didalam surat itu sepenuhnya.  Pancung sebagaimana Maharaja memancung gundiknya. Dengan sedemikian sang Maharaja mengukuhkan kuasanya dan UMNO ada harapan untuk bersinar kembali.

Saya membuat ramalan, sekiranya UMNO tidak berbuat sesuatu memang benarlah UMNO tak layak jadi Maharaja dan harinya semakin hampir.

Kesian UMNO, ramainya ahli yang bobrok. Sekretariatnya?

August 21, 2009

Hari demi hari, minggu demi minggu, UMNO tidak habis habis dengan masaalah. Kalaulah UMNO itu organisasi perniagan sudah pasti ia sudah lama muflis. Bukan itu sahaja ramai ahli lembaga pengarah,ahli  dan pengurusnya yang dipenjara kerana pelbagai kesalahan.

Ada yang kata ini semua sumpah Altantuya tapi ini bukan zaman mahsuri atau zaman sumpah menyumpah. Masalah organisasi adalah masalah saintifik dan ia bolih diatasi dengan pendekatan saintifik.

Saya kenal ramai pemimpin UMNO yang baik dan berkualiti. Malangnya ramai yang ketinggalan zaman. Kebelakangan ini baru sibuk nak buat facebook , bertwitter dan berblog. Ramai yang  jadikan navelgazing sebagai hobi. Mungkin itu sebanya lebih ramai SYT dan SCT tunjuk pusat diKLCC dari di bollywood.

Saya juga kenali ramai yang bobrok yang tak berkualiti, yang hanya sibuk tujuk gaya, isi tembolok, kaki pau dan langau. Majoriti orang melayu tidak sedemikian.

Nyatalah dari pelbagai insiden sistem pentadbiran dan pengurusan UMNO itu sendiri bobrok. Dengan sokongan badan sekretariat, special branch, military intelligence, masih gagal memilih calun pilihanraya. Masih bolos seorang yang jelas tidak layak jadi calun pilihanraya diberi mandat, dan diketengahkan sebagai wira. Maharaja perlu buat sesuatu. Kepala siapa yang perlu dipancung? menidakan atau denial dikuti dengan justifikasi bukan kaedah kepimpinan  berkesan.

Digugurkan dari daftar profesional adalah satu keaiban dan satu penalti yang amat berat.

Malangnya belukang telah bolos memasuki sangkar kelah. Dan bila berlaku kesilapan, mula-mula ditidakkan kemudian sibuk pula mereka buat justifikasi itu dan ini.  Apa kabar sahabat saya di Bruas? di Tanjung Malim. Temerloh.

THe Culture of Poverty – Manik Urai and the malay politics

July 17, 2009

The Manik Urai byelection left many people wondering, why BN failed to win.

Unfolding in MANIK URAI is THE CULTURE OF POVERTY that all Malays suffer. The same culture experienced by the Irish and the French Canadian and the Mexican.

In simple terms it is a poor, uneducated society in the new democracy who franchised their hopes and rights to the political leaders in the name of nationalism or religion or doctrines. The reasons for outright franchising is their lack of ilmu, skill and being marhaen and not forgetting the feudalistic and religious background. They live on hope but do not know the business model to improve their life.

The elected leaders are equally poor, uneducated. They have the desire to become rich. The only business model they know is to rob the treasury and baitulmal and the tabung haji and the political coffers.

Both are to be blamed.

Personally I try to dissociate and fight hard not to be sucked into this culture of poverty.  Fortunately I have a business model which works. I use my know how to earn an honest living. I also require help from KNOW WHO but not at the expense of sacrificing my principles. I break barriers by moving away from the tribal and local marketplace. The challenge is to find a product and business model  that has appeals beyond your national shores.

So the solutions is FIND a BUSINESS MODEL TO GET OUT FROM THIS Culture of Poverty. Then work hard to defend, promote, develop it further.