Demolitions of Temples, Mosques, Houses of worship,

March 22, 2009

Overzealous religionists,  wherever they belong in the religious divide, whatever the religion they submit to,  when politically commanding, tend to impose upon infidels, their faith. Physically houses of worships become the target of contempt,  and in the worst case demolition. Is it the right thing to do?

In Malaysia, there was a group of young muslims who were on a demolition spree. A few temples were demolished until they met their match at a temple in Kerling.  They were killed except  one. He was put on trial and subsequently convicted by the Malaysian court. We had a discourse , is it the right thing to do? I say No. He had his reasons, he had his stories and combined that with youthful folly.

Historically, there have been too many examples. After the Inquisitions in  Spain, mosques were converted to churches. In Istanbul, Constantinople was changed to Istanbul and before Atartuk the Sophia was converted to a mosque.

In Islam, there are a few celebrated,  demolition incidents . I used the word celebrate not to reflect joy but widely discussed, stirred a lot of public interests, debated  and interpreted.
a. The demolition  of idols by Abraham
b. The demolition of idols surrounding the Kaaba by Muhammad after taking control of Mecca
c.  The demolition by the taliban of the Banyan Buddha
d. The demolition of the Adhoya Mosque because The  Earlier Muslims demolished the Hindu Temple on the same site

Threading on this sensitive subject, one tries very hard not to be judgmental or play God. I tried to moderate that by posing a speculative Question  ” Would you tell your son to do the same as you did?” Why all these characters  do it, is an interesting read, but the question is would we tell our son to do it.

I posed that question because, in the silence of not saying right or wrong, there were attempts to again celebrate and glorify that sensitive subject.

Although I am a Taliban of the Quran, I am not a scholar of the Quran, therefore I am limited by the inability to quote verses of the Quran.  I read the Quran as a source of Hidayah, but not for the purpose of entering a debate or to earn pittance from. The Quran to me is the guide, which allows me to lead a simple, logical scientific life and also form an opinion which is Quran compliant.

Allow me to opine on the above four celebrated incidents

a. Abraham demolished the idols before receiving wahyu or inspiration by God
b. Muhammad demolished all idols surrounding Masjidil Haram after the Haram was made forbidden to all pagans by God

(Correction on my statement “Muhammad demolished all idols surrounding Masjidil Haram after the Haram was made forbidden to all pagans by God”. The idol demolition was done, after the reclamation of the city from the Pagan Meccans. Mecca, the mother of all cities, the Haram, the area around the Kaaba, has been inherited from Abraham. Thus the destruction was an act of cleansing, a reclamation of the Holy Site where the signs of God are aplenty. The instruction to forbid pagans from the Haram, made it a lot easier politically.)

c. Taliban of Banyan, to me was unnecessary as it brought fitnah to the religion of God. With the political might, the Afghan could follow the ways of the Indonesian by forbidding any worships around Borobodur, or by the way Atatruk did to the Sophia, the church, turning it into a Museum/
d. The demolition of Adhoya mosque, that is the price you pay when you do upon others what you do not like others to do upon you.

My dalil above are not directly from the Quran, but they are dalil from Sunatullah that I see, I read, I hear. I have been given the Guide by HIM, the Almighty, my Wakil, My Maula, my Protector.

In any case, to borrow the metaphorical argument, there are too many idols that we succummbed to in our daily life, the political master, mawi, the finanacial system, the Ustazs or Sheikh that many blindly followed without an opinion of their own.

We are,everyone of us,  is the chosen Khalifah. Please let me know if any of the above is not Quran compliant ( no Hadis except if it comes from Ahhsanul Hadis)

By His Grace.


I have to say something on the KUGAN’s case

March 8, 2009

I just have to let it out. It was brutal, it was incompetence, it was inhumane, it was a failure of leadership.

It was brutal. Even if he was a criminal he did not deserve such torture. What has become of hadhari?

It was incompetence. It was plain stupidity. It was a total lack of professional integrity and I am not talking about the police, I am referring to  the keepers of the Hippocratic oaths. The learned, the knowledgeable, but lacking in integrity and holistic principle. Where is  the wisdom ? Lost in the pile of knowledge?.

It was inhumane. It was a total lack of justice.  Humanity was murdered in Gaza and in Taipan. But why on earth, SERDANG gets sucked into it?

It was a total failure of leadership. Instead of protecting the institution individuals are being protected. It was  a simple Crisis Management yet the leadership of the various institutions involved failed to respond appropriately. . The well tested and always proven,  effective response plan would have been to  dissociate, dissociate, dissociate. Promise Justice. Take action. But when, injustice is the norm, when the herd culture is the norm, the bearers of responsibility are likely to  blinded in their sight, the heart and the soul. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I have no conscience.

When religion is ritual, when the words of God are sold for pittance, when hypocrisy thrives on hypocrisy, even a simple case of leadership and governance become an issue. When patronage and moral corruption is one and the same thing, what is there left to do? Clean them up!!

DISSOCIATE, dissociate,condemn, condemn, get the culprit fast. Malaysia dissociates from the TAIPAN Police Investigation team. Malaysia dissociates from the CPO who defended his Policemen. Malaysia dissociates from the first pathologist and the SERDANG Hospital Director. Malaysia wants justice. Malaysia wants these people involved to search their souls.

If people entrusted with power and authority fail  in executing their  duties and responsibilities, the most honorable thing they can do  is to RESIGN!!!

Let us do that cultural transfer instead of just technology transfer. Bring the samuari sword!!! but let us be realistic. It will take some time they can accept harakiri as a cullture. For the time being a simple resignation letter would do.

Apa itu Akta Hasutan? Bila Blogger Raja Petra didakwa…

May 15, 2008

Olih kerana dibawah undang undang Malaysia,  bahasa Inggeris adalah bahasa rujukdan bahasa  pokok, saya meneliti takrifan SEDITION iaitu perkataan inggeris untuk Hasutan.

Kamus Webster mendefinasikan SEDITION sebagai the crime of creating a revolt, disturbance, or violence against lawful civil authority with the intent to cause its overthrow or destruction . Di alihbahasakan ia berbunyi ” jenayah menyebabkan derhaka, kekacauan dan rusuhan terhadap kerajaan dengan maksud menjatuhkannya atau memusnahkannya

Akta Hasutan di malaysia diwarisi dari Kerajaan Inggeris yang khuatir anak-anak negeri menguna apa cara untuk menyahkanya dari Bumi Malaya. Sekiranya seorang guru menanamkan semangat kemerdekaan dikalangan muridnya, maka guru telah melakukan jenayah. Atau Pegawai Daerah atau Penghulu atau pejuang kemerdekaan berkumpul merancang menentang malayan Union, semuanya bolih dihumban ke penjara.

Apabila Merdeka adalah logik, akta hasutan dikuburkan.  Bagaimanapun Kerajaan demi kerajaan meneruskan malahan menambah maksud dan aktiviti yang dianggap menghasut. Antara yang termasuk didalam akta ini ialah, mempersoalkan Perlembagaan khususnya berkaitan dengan Raja-raja Melayu, hak orang Melayu dan kedudukan bahasa Melayu.

Raja Petra telah didakwa kerana tulisannya, ALTANTUYA – Let us Send the Murderer to Hell. Mari Kita humban Pembunuh ALTANTUYA ke Neraka Jahanam.

Didunia siber kini satu rukun SIBER  telah dikompromi atau petua telah dilanggar. Jangan sekali-kali mendakwa blogger, implikasinya seperti barah dan api yang merebak.  Seharusnya Biarkan sahaja, didunia siber, jangan sekali-kali membawanya kealam nyata.

Tanpa membuka ruang debat samada Akta ini masih diperlukan atau tidak, atau, akta ini zalim atau tidak, persoalaannya, adakah ini tindakan yang bijak yang benar-benar bolih menjatuhkan kerajaan dan menghasut rusuhan, derhaka?

Sekiranya benar-benar RPK telah menfitnah, kenapa tidak disaman sivil? Satu soalan yang menghantui saya. Mungkin ada dikalangan penasihat kerajaan yang kurang bijak.




TRUTH AND JUSTICE are no longer the Malaysian Way

November 21, 2007

NOTE : The following article appears in The Age.  Malaysians have been denied modernity it says.. Read my comments

Truth and justice are no longer Malaysian way

By Michael Backman

The Age

November 21, 2007

THE Government of Australia will probably change hands this weekend. There will be no arrests, no tear gas and no water cannons. The Government of John Howard will leave office, the Opposition will form a government and everyone will accept the verdict.

For this, every Australian can feel justifiably proud. This playing by the rules is what has made Australia rich and a good place in which to invest. It is a country to which people want to migrate; not leave.

Now consider Malaysia. The weekend before last, up to 40,000 Malaysians took to the streets in Kuala Lumpur to protest peacefully against the judiciary’s lack of independence, electoral fraud, corruption and a controlled media.

In response, they were threatened by the Prime Minister, called monkeys by his powerful son-in-law, and blasted with water cannons and tear gas. And yet the vast majority of Malaysians do not want a change of government. All they want is for their government to govern better.

Both Malaysia and Australia have a rule of law that’s based on the English system. Both started out as colonies of Britain. So why is Malaysia getting it so wrong now?

Malaysia‘s Government hates feedback. Dissent is regarded as dangerous, rather than a product of diversity. And like the wicked witch so ugly that she can’t stand mirrors, the Government of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi controls the media so that it doesn’t have to see its own reflection.

Demonstrations are typically banned. But what every Malaysian should know is that in Britain, Australia and other modern countries, when people wish to demonstrate, the police typically clear the way and make sure no one gets hurt. The streets belong to the people. And the police, like the politicians, are their servants. It is not the other way around.

But increasingly in Malaysia, Malaysians are being denied a voice — especially young people.

Section 15 of Malaysia’s Universities and University Colleges Act states that no student shall be a member of or in any manner associate with any society, political party, trade union or any other organisation, body or group of people whatsoever, be it in or outside Malaysia, unless it is approved in advance and in writing by the vice-chancellor.

Nor can any student express or do anything that may be construed as expressing support, sympathy or opposition to any political party or union. Breaking this law can lead to a fine, a jail term or both.

The judiciary as a source of independent viewpoints has been squashed. The previous prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, did many good things for Malaysia, but his firing of the Lord President (chief justice) and two other Supreme Court judges in 1988 was an unmitigated disaster. Since then, what passes for a judiciary in Malaysia has been an utter disgrace and the Government knows it.

Several years ago, Daim Zainuddin, the country’s then powerful finance minister, told me that judges in Malaysia were a bunch of idiots. Of course we want them to be biased, he told me, but not that biased.

Rarely do government ministers need to telephone a judge and demand this or that verdict because the judges are so in tune with the Government’s desires that they automatically do the Government’s beckoning.

Just how appalling Malaysia’s judiciary has become was made clear in recent weeks with the circulation of a video clip showing a senior lawyer assuring someone by telephone that he will lobby the Government to have him made Lord President of the Supreme Court because he had been loyal to the Government. That someone is believed to have been Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim, who did in fact become Lord President.

A protest march organised by the Malaysian Bar Council was staged in response to this, and corruption among the judiciary in general. But the mainstream Malaysian media barely covered the march even though up to 2000 Bar Council members were taking part. Reportedly, the Prime Minister’s office instructed editors to play down the event.

Instead of a free media, independent judges and open public debate, Malaysians are given stunts — the world’s tallest building and most recently, a Malaysian cosmonaut. Essentially, they are given the play things of modernity but not modernity itself.

Many senior Malays are absolutely despairing at the direction of their country today. But with the media tightly controlled they have no way of getting their views out to their fellow countrymen. This means that most Malaysians falsely assume that the Malay elite is unified when it comes to the country’s direction.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, a former finance minister and today still a member of the Government, told me several weeks ago in Kuala Lumpur that he could see no reason why today Malaysia could not have a completely free media, a completely independent judiciary and that corrupt ministers and other officials should be publicly exposed and humiliated.

According to Tengku Razaleigh, all of the institutions designed to make Malaysia’s Government accountable and honest have been dismantled or neutered.

It didn’t need to be like this. Malaysia is not North Korea or Indonesia. It is something quite different. Its legal system is based on British codes. Coupled with traditional Malay culture, which is one of the world’s most hospitable, decent and gentle cultures, Malaysia has the cultural and historical underpinnings to become one of Asia’s most civilised, rules-based, successful societies.

Instead, Malaysia’s Government is incrementally wasting Malaysia’s inheritance.

Iraq War – Turning the eagle to a vulture

July 4, 2007

The bald eagle is the sacred symbol of the United states of America. The eagle is an apt symbol for hope, liberty, freedom. Over 200 years ago the republic was founded on the foundation of freedom, liberty, enterprise.   It was a colony of a super power – England. A bloody war was fought, the war of independence. America triumphed  there was a civil war but the land of hope was born.

What happened in the continent of America over 200 years ago is being repeated in IRAQ  now. Two hundred years ago, the e Americans were chasing the occupier out and now the Iraqis are chasing the propagator of liberty out of their country.

The founding fathers of the USA would be restless in their graves. The basic foundation and idealism of America is being fed to the dogs. The neocons are now the exact replicas of the imperial power that was occupying the USA 200 years ago. Thomas Paine in his book ” common sense ” , eloquently presented the case for total dissociation with England. The idea of reconciliation would not be able to make the USA , the superpower that we  use to know. Europe was the ally and future of the USA, he argued.

Does it mean that we are seeing the beginning of the end? I first thought about this when clinton was not impeached, after the Lewinsky scandal. The basic fibre of america is  being compromised. With Iraq and and afghanistan the eagle is turning into a vulture.

Thomas Paine Common Sense is a highly recommende read.

All Iraqis must read Thomas Paine, so is every freedom fighter.

My hope is for America to return to being a beacon for freedom and hope.

Two Fingers to Ayatollah – Tony Blair doing a Sir Salman Rushdie

June 23, 2007

Churchill is famous for his Victory sign, that is a V using your forefinger and middle finger, with the palm outward, like the cubs salute. You invert  the V with the palm facing yourself and combine that with an upward swing gesture, it  becomes Up-yours, screw you or a plain 2 fingers up your backside, the worst and humiliating gesture you can give to an Englishman.

Salman Rushdie has been made Sir Salman.

By doing that, Tony Blair just did the two fingers to  Ayatollah Khomeini  and the many ayatollahs all over the world. For those not in the know, Ayatollah Khomeini  issued an edict that the blood of Salman Rushdie is  halal  or kosher because of the Satanic Verses’s blasphemy to Islam., so they claimed

You can do many wonderful things, if you think you are a superpower, or if your enemy is just too damn weak.If you can  send soldiers to ransack the palace of the President, so to speak, what is showing two fingers to the ayatollah. You can even run down  Mecca. And that religious minister of Pakistan overreacted. He was reported to have said  that suicide bombers can be sanctoned. A few peripheral ayatollahs also proclaimed that Osama bin Ladin is now Sir Osama, saif al islam, the sword of Islam.

Tit for tat.  You may think that these are stupid things. No they are not.  These are calculated provocations,  with possible bounties and opportunities that may present itself from the many reactions.

The Blair government in his last few days of office, clarified that  it is just a recognition for a  courageous literary figure. An apology was issued by the foreign office for the unexpected reactions. Were they not briefed of the consequence? Impossible. It was just  a calculated provocations from Blair, who after leaving office is converting to catholicism. Let Brown claims innocence.

Go on, give that two fingers !!!

How does moderate islam react to this? the same manner you rect when a drunk or a road bully does an”up-yours” to you. Drive on… The Ayatollah should also take notice, that political Islam without content and true understanding of the religion is just  a mockery, and will lead the flock to doom.

What it tells you is that in Westminister  there are  still many right wing, imperialist, descendents of the crusaders, who are still influential . There are also many level minded, centrists who believe in fair play,  coexistence, the great human civilisations and righteousness.

ceo goblog – celebrating new years, today is Higra 1428

January 20, 2007

Within a space of twenty days I celebrate 2 new years, the Justinian Anno Domini and the Higra. The Hindu Poongal or new year although occuring 4 days ago was  not celebrated, for lack of opportunity and understanding. Next month it will be the Chinese New Year which no doubt I will try to  get a piece of the actions.

I like new years as it  is an excuse to celebrate. Practically there are only a few new years that you could afford to celebrate, as there are just too many new years. The Shah of Persia revived the persian calendar. There are also many emperors and despots who started  new measures of time.

Did I say despots and dictators? Sorry, I just realised that I too, started the new year for the company. By determining the official  fiscal year of the company I belong to the same category as those despots and emperors. Ours is the 30th of May. Yes, we do celebrate our new year.

Personally,  I like the 1st of january best, as it is celebrated worldwide. You see the world community displaying that rare  celebration in unison. December is the best time to take stock of your self, assesing how far off you are from the benchmark you have set, to set new targets. It is the time of the year when I work the hardest. It is me the busy coach preparing his team for the new season.

The Higra, takes care of my spiritual migration.  It is Liberation Day. The day mark the migration from opression to liberty, from nothing to something, a day to make that special connection with the Almighty, as it is his protection and blessings that make the liberation possible. To you God, belongs the good things. The bad things are but due to us mortals.

Yesterday, we celebrated the end of 1427 as a family. We seek His guidance and protection as we liberate ourselves from our own shackles, from the comfort of our status quo, from the shackles of ignorance that surrounds us.

To all wellwishers thank you for your prayers. Likewise, may you all be showered by His blessings and His spiritual guidance.