H1N1 in Malaysia – Failure of the Minister Of Health?

August 29, 2009

The control of pandemic of dangerous diseases is the responsibility of the Minister of Health. The H1N1 is not the first pandemic for Malaysia.

We had the dangerous bird flu and the Nipah virus. These pandemic were considered more lethal then H1N1. Yet the fatalities for H1N1 have been much higher. At 71  deaths today, many doubt the truth of that official figure. The Minister even admitted that the actual figure was actually twenty times the official figure.

We had the two ChUAS as Health Ministers during the earlier pandemics. Now both are out of the MCA. What a different breed the present Minister is compared to the two Chuas. It is like comparing a sissy, or jambu to two machoistic go-getters.

At 71 we are worst then Indonesia. We could be at the bottom of the league per capita.

It is a pandemic.It is not like the common cold. It is not just about awareness. Even if it is about awareness the Ministry has been very slow in creating the awareness. It is not treating this like a crisis management. It is still business as usual.

Maybe he is too busy sacking the Video Chua and lamenting the loss of the senior Chua.

There has been too much of politicking. We want to feel safe.


Majority rule or mob rule – the banning of the sales of beer in Shah alam

August 7, 2009

I support the banning of the sale of beer at convenient store outlets. These are the 7-11 and other 24 hour stores.

However I am against the use of the argument of majority versus minority in promoting the ban. The reasoning that it is only to be executed in muslim majority areas is a concern to me. That set a dangerous trend to fragment districts and constituencies in according to religious and racial mix.

That also reflect the lack of ability to reason, argue, debate and lead even in a caucus called pakatan which literally means team with mutual interests.

What if the non muslim refuse to adhere to the segregation of halal and non halal in non muslim owned outlets on the argument that they are doing it only in chinese majority areas?

We want to be ruled by law and reasons, not by mob rule.

Many non muslims will support the ban if the reasonings are non opressive and universal.

Aaagh, it just shows the lack of understanding of each other by both. Chauvinists on both divides?

Doing it righteously – taqwa, doing the right thing

May 23, 2009

I was at the farmers market, pasartani, this morning. Cuttle fish, the tiny type is called comek in Malay. A kilo of the normal sized cuttle fish is RM 14 a kilo, but the comek, it is only RM 6 a kilo. Those not in the know would avoid these small baby squids but I love them. Squids when they are oversized could taste like scrap rubber, chewable gummers. But comek are the opposite. Combined that with the more ink that you get they are a bargain.

The vendor was very generous. It was a good 100gram more, and I commented.

His reaction was not to show off his generosity.

“I am worried I short changed you” He said

“That is very righteous” I said.

“Not at all, it is the right thing to do” he replied.

I was impressed.

At the Sungai Way market, i saw an old Chinese lady manning her stall. She was really old. She must be approaching 80. I normally try to avoid the mention of race but I am here to illustrate that poverty knows no color.

Out of pity I bought a kilo of tomatoes I did not need. To my surprise it was only Rm 2.20 for a kilo.    Shiny, beautiful, succulent tomatoes but I will remember the wrinkles, the hunch, and the rickety arms.

The Malaysian Class (read caste) System

February 9, 2009

Malaysians celebrate Thaipusam today.

If there is one thing Malaysian need to learn from the political drama and power play unfolding in Perak is the fact that the CASTE system is well entrenched in Malaysia. To make it more palatable it is refered to as Class. It is not just the upper Class and Middle class and working class as in post war Britain, but it looks like the Brahmin, kastriyas, sudras, and parias and others I cannot remember  are pretty well established and easily identifiable. It may require a little hard work but the clash of classes has been visible.

Logical incrementalism at work. Without us realising it we are already in a CLASS or CASTE system. The ruling class will rule  and the artisan will slog to send their  children to  schools, the peasants will demonstrate and the priests will sell the words of god for pittance. The soldiers lay waiting and the pariahs will be pariahs.

The main players are the ruling class.  Coincidentally, this morning,  I was reading about the political dynasties of Onn Jaafar, Razak Hussin, Taib Mahmud and the wannabe abdullah KJ written by Dolah Kok lanas in off the Edge. Pity Khir Toyo the one wth no Class…ooops sorry, no Dynasty.

You will lament, where is democracy, where is jusice. Continue doing that as that is your job and the job spec of your Class. They will take what ever is necessary to cling to power.  Call it Machiavellian, or whatever. THey will not offer any apologies . They are not scholars, they are power hunters. People can debate about the wisdom until the chicken shit cools down, they say.

They acted in accordance with  the constitutions they say and  they will justify .

In a Caste Society Hinduism offers reincarnation . Any other choice?  Take opium, said Karl Marx or be a religionist.

As for me,  I am happy to be a Bon Vivant, enjoy the good life, be a class nomad,  while preparing for the after. That sounds like a class of my own.

Pasar Geylang

December 20, 2008

Saya melawat Pasar Geylang. Ia terletak disatu bangunan sementara yang lebih elok dari pasar tetap dikebanyakan negara. Bangunan pasar baru sedang didalam pembinaan. Walaupun sementara ia teratur, bersih dan nyaman. Kayu ukur kemajuan dan ketamadunan sesebuah negara diukur dari keadaan pasar dan tandas. Jelaslah Singapura negara maju, atau negara dunia pertama.

Negeri Khir Toyo masih kuno. Diharap Khalid bolih menjadikan nya dari darul kotor kepada darul maju.

Teruja sungguh nafsu tekak, duja olih bau dan rupa makanan yang dijaja. Terdapat lebih seratus gerai jualan makanan menjadikannya pusat makan nusantara yang mula saya sukai kerana bersih dan kepelbagaianya.

Ini pasar Melayu. Tiada jual babi, kata pak supir, menyebabkan orang Melayu nostalgik dan masih tertumpu ke pasar geylang.

OrangMelayu pun ramai yang berniaga, melainkan gerai ikan. Yang lainnya dipenuhi peniaga dan peruncit Melayu.

Berikut adalah dialog yang saya dengar di pasar Geylang

” dulu saya bawak beca roda tiga, sekarang saya tolong tunggu teksi. Hari ini saya baru dapat 19 dollar. Orang lebih suka naik bas kerana setip kali tahan teksi, cas 3 dollar”

” dia potong bawang, setip hari 3 guni. dapatlah 20 dollar”

” bayar air letrik dan buang sampah, bulan lepas kena 200 dollar. pendapatan saya 600 dollar. kalau dapat 900 dollar jadi porter seperti ni lebih baik dari jadi cleaner”

” dulu tahun 60an makcik duduk belakang jamban, sekarang syukur leih baik”

” sini tak susah. sini selamat, tak macam JB. JB tak selamat”

” kalau masih dalam malaysia mesti tak macam ni”

Dipasar Geylang, saya makan ayam penyek, beli gandos, talam berlauk dan lopis pulut. Saya juga lihat kemiskinan.

Republik PJ ? – aku orang PJ

October 23, 2008

Petaling Jaya kononnya, daerah paling maju dan sofistikated di Malaysia. Pendapatan isirumah juga mencatat yang tertinggi. Begitu juga dengan tahap intelek jika diukur dari sudut lulusan universiti. PALING memang cocok disinonimkan dengan PETALING.  Bandar atau daerah PALING JAYA.

Namun kesedaran politik dan peranan orang PJ dalam arus politik negeri atau pun negara amat menghampakan. Kesemua Menteri Besar Selangor datang dari luar PJ, walaupun mereka menetap di PJ selepas menjadi menteri atau sesudah terkenal.

Amat menghampakan bila Datuk bandar pun datangnya dari luar? Kuala Selangor? Bolihkan orang dari Barnstaple,Poole atau Winchester  dijadikan Datuk Bandar Nottingham atau Manachester atau London. Masalah dan kehendak orang PJ berbeza dengan cabaran orang Kajang, Serendah atau Kuala Selangor.

Salahkan siapa? itulah akibat sikap tidak apathi atau apathy orang PJ. Bila mula dibuka pada tahun 60an sebagai kawasan industri bebas cukai yang pertama, berduyun-duyun pendatang dari seluruh negara bermastautin. Namun, mereka tetap mengaku pendatang,penghijrah. Malahan selepas 30 tahun menetap di PJ masih mengaku orang Johor, orang ROMbau, orang PARIt, bla… bla… bla…. PJ diculik orang luar daerah atau anak negeri.

Nyatakan HAK! Ya aku pendatang, tapi aku sekarang orang PJ. Nyatakan pada anak-anak, kau, kau, kau budak PJ. Tentukan hala tuju nya.

UMNO is no bully, MCA not chauvinist….a joke?

October 19, 2008

Yesterday Ong Ka Ting handed over the presidency of MCA to the newly elected president. He used that occasion to hit UMNO hard, smartly using his last outing and  the word PERCEPTION. UMNO is percieved to be domineering, intrepreted by PAK LAH as bullying. Pak Lah’s  rebuttal although instantly done was rather weak. Had UMNO been a bully a self respecting component would have left, he argued. By that premise only SAPP is honorable enough to take the stand to leave the coalition and has the right to claim that UMNO is indeed a bully.

UMNO has itself to blame. Of all the component parties UMNO held its ground in the last general election , yet it it finds itself being unfairly percieved as racist, domineering and a bully. UMNO would be the last to admit that it is a bully, but the ability to manage perception has been its greatest weakness. It is not surprising though knowing the mediocrity of it leaders and the lack of intellectual depth in its membership roll.

How would you expect the like of ” me speak no inglis” and mr “correct,correct,correct”, mr ‘bird brain”, very powerful people indeed in UMNO and countless others to intellectually manage the challenges of the oppositions and the political jostling within the coalition. They could only use KETUANAN MELAYU as their only  rebuttal. The Malay intellegentsia has deserted UMNO. Umno is left with the numerous Professor Kangkung, no match indeed to the intellectual depth within PAS, Keadilan and DAP.

UMNO is rotting but so is MCA.

By saying that UMNO is a bully OKT and MCA are also in denial. By doing so, OKT is reaffirming the perception that MCA is indeed a chauvinist party. I am OK, because we are MCA and you the Head is rotten.The chinese like to use the term the rotten fish head. They forget that tht MCA also stinks and the rakyat is not blind to the insular MCA, the chauvinist MCA.

Sometimes one wonder, is there a government within a government? For every policy statement made by the government we see another statement by the other government. For every spin we hear from the UMNO papers we see another spin by the STAR and the vernacular papers.

Enough has been said about the parallel economies of Malaysia, one is the official economy and the other the so called bamboo network economy. For every policy on the National schools we see another policy hotly pursued by the chinese educationist and the MCA play it to the gallery.

Could we conclude that many sensible minded rakyat are indeed tired of this dual headed approach? There is a Malay Peribahasa or saying  “”Ular berkepala dua”. At its kindest, it means that it is not getting us anywhere, but at its worst it means someone we cannot trust.

The infighting within MCA could be worse then within UMNO. That may only be visible within its party members but we the rakyat can clearly see the ineffectiveness of the MCA ministers in Government.

The government relies heavily on the Minister of local Government to effectively manage the delivery system but we know the state of Local government throughout Malaysia. Who was the Minister? It was ONG Ka Ting the ex President of MCA. For every Zakaria the little sultan of Klang there are numerous Chinese gangsters that manage and manipulate or control the local governments. If I were Najib, this is the ministry that need a thorough revamp. Where was OKT. He was too busy leading the other government and managing the infighting within MCA. He was too busy,too mandarin to ensure drains were not clogged, no potholes and garbage were collected.

There was the Ministry of Transport. Was UMNO the bully in managing the transport systems? The West Port fiasco may be too mammoth a debacle to be understood by the Rakyat but the bus system, the public transport are just not lucrative enough for the minister in charge to take an effective interest in. Who was the Minister? It was no other then the Deputy President of MCA.

The same could be said about the Minister of Health. Look at the KL General Hospital. It is the best hospital in a third world country somewhere.

Rather then admitting the flaws that they have, We are sun tzu, we are the mandarins, we are the smarter one, we are the hardworking one,our school system is better,  we want meritocracy,  we will eat you alive, those belief systems are worrying. Those are chauvinist traits the MCA has been displaying.

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