Spontaneous love, Spontaneous cooking, I also signed the petition for RPK

September 28, 2008

I decided to add colour and spice to the mundane iftar at the in laws. I decided to make PILAU or “nasi minyak” . It was already 5 . The trip to the supermarket cost more then buying ready made beryani.

The price of spontaneity. No cinnamon, no coriander, no cloves. So another trip to the grocer.

I enjoyed it. It was like spontaneous sex. Cooking is like love making. The expression of the senses. Spontaneity adds colour and vividly passionate.

The pilau turned out to be outstanding. Who cares even if it turned out bad.

I also signed the petition against the ISA. It was spontaneous alright but I did that without reservation.


I fall in love with Amsterdam

March 19, 2008

Yes I do.

If civility is defined as the ability to being fair, to be sensitive to the needs of the majority and the minority, to be non-imposing, to respect and take care of the environment,  then Amsterdam is civil.

The Amsterdamers, must be the most civil road users and designers.  Where would you find, thoroughfares which include lanes for pedestrians, for cyclists, for the trams and buses. The water ways criss-crossing the city make Amsterdam extremely charming. There is the water taxis. Under construction is the underground which I hope will not degenerate the charms of Amsterdam. It is the rule, thje weakest user gets right of way.

Yesterday, I visited an Indonesian Restaurant SAMPURNA. It is a perfect little place. It was just friendly and hospitable. I met Desiree the proprieteress, and the lady doing the hosting, Mama, of Dutch Indonesian descent. The friendliness was real. You could sense and feel part of the  chemistry. I met Dian, Ayu, Sofea who staffed the restaurant.

You could sense the influence of the East Indies in amsterdam. Had it not been for old Batavia and the culture of the nusantara, I say that Amsterdam could be another Munich, rigid and uncompromising.

It is so easy to strike a conversation with people you have just met. This morning, I met a Northampton couple at this cafe called the OOnde Cafe.  They are ahead of me. Amsterdam is their favourite city in the world. The owner is married to a Surinamese, and in the menu is katjang pedis.

On the tourist trail I found a Malaysian restaurant, Wau which was not opened for lunch. On the way back to the GRAND I spent a good few kilometres at the Red Light Districts. 

And my favourite hotel,  it is the GRAND SOFITEL. It is beyond words. It is difficult to fault. My room is overlooking the canal. It is quiet and yet it is full of life, unpretentious. Friendly yet not overbearing. It is sempurna. It is grand, and be prepared with a few grans the next time you are doing your booking.

BAD RUDE DIN – Yang Berhormat Celupar dari Kedah

November 18, 2007

Yang Berhormat  BAD RUDE Din dari Kedah tu memang patut di beri nama sedemikian, celupar dan tak sopan (kurang ajar kalau ikut bahasa kasar). Kalau ikut fahaman orang Melayu, otak sesaorang itu letaknya di gemala atau kepala, di lutut atau di zakar bergantung dari  peri laku dan kecerdasannya. Nasib baik nama akhirnya itu din, bukan nya deen kerana deen membawa makna agama. Kalau kita ikuti lagak badut murahan nya di parlimen memang jelas otaknya terletak bukan digemala, dan apa yang dilepaskan di parlimen mencerminkan cara hidupnya.

Sebelum ini seorang ahli Parlimen yang lumpuh dicercanya. Padan muka kau ! katanya, tuhan beri kau balasan dengan kecacatan. Kata-kata sedemikian hanya layak dikatakan oleh kanak-kanak belum baligh atau mereka yang lututnya punya fungsi lain selain sebagai sendi kaki. 

Pelbagai lagi kata kata lucah dan seksis yang telah di lemparkan di parlimen sebelum ini.

Kali terakhir dia mengatakan pramugari AIRASIA berskirt pendek menunjukan TEROWONG mereka. Ramailah badutbadut  lain bertepuk tangan dan ketawa termasuk lah sang ibu dan sang puteri. Tidak terdengar pun sesaorang dari kumpulan sang ibu dan sang Puteri yang berdecit apatah menuding , menonjol muka si badut lucah.

Si isteri dan sang anak pasti malu dengan telatah BAD RUDE DIN. Ramai juga yang seronok melihat parlimen sebagai  sarkis dengan badut-badut atau sebagai kelab jantan desperado  dengan pelawak seksis murahan, BAD RUDE DIN. BADUTDIN kalau ikut sebutan Jepang. Malangnya beliau mungkin berfikir yang dia bergeliga atau cerdas berdebat.

Paris – a city of culture

June 24, 2007

The Jema el fina is a square in the city of marrakech, where living arts are continuosly being displayed. It is a UNESCO protected site. It is an experience you must not miss. Marrakech also has the biggest and most fascinating souk that I have ever been.I

Imagine the whole city is a display of arts and culture. That is Paris. The word Culture must have its origin in french. That must be the reason, parisien cafes is alfressco, chairs facing the sidewalk. It is watching culture, people passing by. In spring and summer there would be spontaneous displays of jazz, reggae,  and all kinds of world music by street performers. Even watching a frenchman talking to his mobile full of  thearetical expressions and gestures is entertaining. Be prepared, a coke could cost you 6 euro. A glass of champagne is Euro 7.50., but there are the less touristy streets.

The street fashions is second to none. KL is a city where belly buttons is the object de art not unlike mumbai or chennai, but paris is about colours.  From bohemians to high fashions, or african.

I love the passages, which the English would term as arcades. I enjoy the small stores , hundreds of them in the passage. From books of arts to object de arts from all over the world. enchanting. there are restaurants and cheap small hotels in the passages. Cheap here means Euro 70 per person per night.

Then the Museums, argghh!

Even if you observe the architecture of the old buildings, you will imagine how the hell did philip and louis and napoleon could manage the affairs of state while overseeing the construction of these fine buildings. Engineering wonder.

The rivers and the bridges and the canals and the sidewalk. How could you not miss paris?

As a visitor you need money to enjoy Paris. Besides the sights which are generally free, you need money to enjoy the food. still i feel it is cheaper than London.

I had lunch at a parisien makan place for 26 euro, very basic parisien. A long breakfast for three with ommelletes and expressos was 59 euros. A dinner for two was 129Euros. i had a sumptous French fruit de la mare for 150 Euro for two. A kebab is about 10 euro. When i was back packing, i survived on baguette and cheese and milk. i have not had tajines. I have experienced the whole range.

If you are english trained, you would be brought up to believe that french drivers are the worst save for the italians, but what i saw debunked that myth. Where would you see pedestrians given the right of way, where could you find drivers patiently waiting  vans unloading in the narrow parisien lanes, taxi drivers included. Chirac must have inculcated good road manners in the last decade. That is very cultured.

Paris is a cosmopolist. What would Paris be without the jews, the senegalese, the moroccan, the algerians, the lebanese, the vietnamese , madagascarese(?). It would be a boring place.